One small step…

I recently wrote a post on the Recovery Programme at Pole Infinity – I can’t believe that the most recent Programme is finished. I have had the pleasure of being involved in three of these fantastic Programmes and the most recent was no exception in terms of the fun, friendships and Friday night frolics.

What a lovely bunch of girls I had the privilege of working with in this six-week programme. Starting off quite subdued and quiet on the first night, they soon ‘warmed up’ (Sharon!) Pole Infinity works its magic again! As well as learning about techniques such as visualisation, Mindfulness and the monkey mind, these fab ladies were soon spinning, dancing and hanging upside down – I bet you didn’t expect that!

The Programme appropriately finished with the theme of happiness. The ideas behind this have really resonated with me and have been valuable in shifting mindset. What is really significant about the ten keys to happiness is their relation to the pole aspect of this course: From helping and encouraging others, to forming new friendships and bonds; getting a good workout and having a positive attitude, to trying something new, pushing yourself and setting goals; from overcoming challenges and being in the moment, to developing belief in yourself and a renewed optimism for life. I think it is fair to say that each and every girl completed the Programme with a brighter smile and a positive outlook.

Recov prog DM 37064468_1813203795435143_7818368374680846336_n

KB’s Recovery Programme very much emphasises that the tools, resources and techniques accrued, form the beginning of a journey – your journey may be long with some twists and turns along the way and it can take time to ‘train’ yourself in dealing with thoughts and becoming accustomed to a ‘new (and improved) you’. This goes for everyone, whether you have been involved in a programme like this or not: there is no magic wand – it takes time, energy, effort and perhaps some bumps and crossroads along the way, to reach your goal.

For most participants, their pole journey has also only just begun… Signing up for classes straight away, creating canvas photo collages, buying a pole for home – I think they have caught the pole bug!

It is heart-warming and inspiring to hear the ladies’ thoughts on the Recovery Programme and how they have been impacted by it:

From here on I’m writing my own story, thanks to the Recovery Programme. I truly urge anyone to just go for it and you will see what I’ve seen… So, it’s onwards and upwards for me”.

“Professional and talented, the team here are amazing”.

“The amount of information that we received was incredible and exceeded my expectations. The teachers can’t help you enough and want you to succeed in every way”.

“Would recommend this course to all.”   

Recov prog coll 36734019_1801119733310216_6120667926849650688_n


The six-week programme, as amazing and successful as it is, provides a mere overview and introduction to positive mental health and well-being; the girls are therefore delighted that there are follow-on classes planned – a chance to catch-up, cement friendships and, of course, get some fabulous photographs of death-defying pole moves!

Nearly a year and a half since the birth of the Recovery Programme, the original line-up of ladies still keep in touch, support each other and laugh until their bodies hurt 🙂 This would not have happened if it wasn’t for Karen’s courage, creativity and vision.

Buzz Buzz and her unicorn sidekick; curious and inquisitive A; the two Ronnies; the flame-haired musical model; inspirational, smiley DM; determined C; well-travelled and strong K, and learning to be me L … In a year and a half, I hope you’re all still laughing, blossoming and there for each other.


‘Big journeys begin with small steps.’ 

Recov Prog Cloak 38735952_1850276281727894_5817345057094631424_n

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