Pole Infinity – Unique, inspirational, life-changing

One of the many reasons Pole Infinity is such a unique studio is the fact that we are currently the only studio worldwide offering innovative mental health and wellbeing courses. These courses combine mental health workshops with fitness, via a specifically tailored programme which helps ladies overcome psychological hurdles and empower themselves. These programmes have literally been life-changing for a lot of the ladies who have completed these courses to date.

The very first programme developed was the Recovery Programme, succeeded by its follow-on Mindfulness/Self-esteem Programme. Both were a huge success with amazing feedback from everyone involved.

We are really excited to have developed another programme, due to commence in October, 2018; its aim is to help participants learn the tools and skills they need to “Manage your Mind”, ultimately endeavouring upon a journey of Happiness. This programme will have the added benefit of not only learning pole, but also the opportunity to try a fun chair dance/burlesque class in week 6. The Manage your Mind programme will have two levels, both being 6 weeks each. Everyone completing the courses will receive a certificate acknowledging that they have completed a psychological skills-based programme.

The courses are run by co-owner of the Pole Infinity studio: Karen Baldwin. Karen is an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Lecturer as well as a Pole Fitness Instructor (an unusual combination, I know 😊). She has over 25 years of experience working in Mental Health. She is also a part-time CBT lecturer and clinical supervisor. She treats clients, on a daily basis, who suffer from a huge range of difficulties and is often referred clients who have had numerous “treatment failures” in the past. She specialises in all anxiety disorders, depression and psychological trauma (PTSD). Karen is currently working alongside a psychotherapist in Cairo, Egypt, helping her develop similar initiatives and programmes in her home country. The success of the Recovery Programme lead to worldwide interest and following.

Karen leads all the courses, alongside a specifically trained team of pole fitness instructors and a trainee counsellor. Each week participants are taught the psychological concepts and tools to help overcome hurdles such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma and low self-esteem (to name a few). The format consists of a mental health presentation with some discussion and explanation of how to apply the techniques to your life.

All written information needed to complement the theory workshop, including books and resources, is supplied – with a few added extras along the way.

The second part of the course each week involves getting active in a fun way through engaging all the participants in a pole fitness class. Not only do they get a workout, but also learn to laugh and make some wonderful new friends in the process.

We want people to create some great memories and feel good about what they have achieved, increasing their confidence levels and self-esteem. We do this by taking lots of photographs for the participants to keep or share, thus providing a record of these amazing achievements.

Not only do these innovative courses teach the life skills needed in today’s society, but they also provide a helping hand in assisting people to apply these techniques to their everyday life. Being part of a group and engaging in a fitness activity which involves setting goals, focus and stepping out of your comfort zone is a perfect way to develop these vital transferrable skills.

By providing these tools required to develop a new attitude to life and change thinking patterns, we hope we can continue to help people reach their full potential and experience happiness and peace of mind.

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