You definitely don’t want to mess with a pole ninja!

Fists of steel, beautiful biceps and walnut-crushing thighs, the pole girl is a force to be reckoned with. Throw in the ability to make a man, or woman, drop to their knees (in this instance, without a pole) just via a thumb tip in the right place… You’ve got a lethal weapon on your hands. Okay, not ‘lethal’ – the aim is to defend, possibly maim.

Many Pole Infinity students have had the joy and privilege of participating in Gerry’s self-defence class. I had the pleasure of, finally, being able to attend one such class recently. SD4 39306774_1869273643161491_4816878841202999296_n

We should not need to be trained in self-defence but, unfortunately, it is becoming more of a necessity (as proven by one participant who had to utilise these skills in reality, only a few days later). We all hope we will not have to release the inner ninja, but life can be unpredictable. Self-defence training can create a slight confidence in dealing with such a horrible situation if it were to arise. Research shows that one third of 18-74 year old women in the EU had suffered a physical or sexual assault since the age of 16. This is a worrying statistic, but shows how important being ‘forearmed’ is.

Thankfully, KB wrangled Gerry into upping the ninja factor amongst a group of Pole Infinity students. This is a serious topic, but Gerry delivers these self-defence sessions in a fun and exciting way. Gerry may have YEARS of experience, much of it in threatening, intense environments; I’m not sure he was ready though for pole gals climbing on his shoulders, lying across his knee and drawing blood (he says it was from a ‘gardening injury’ – yea right!)

SD1 39468062_1869273656494823_980832142265155584_n

So, we learned that there are three levels of defence: the primary one relates to pressure points; the second, a punch, hit or kick; the last is ‘final strike’. It may be tempting to go straight for the jugular (or a knee in the ‘family jewels’), but this should be the last resort – I know, in the moment when you are under threat, not thinking clearly and in fear for your life, instinct takes over. I think that it is fair to protect and defend yourself, even by instinctual means, if the situation warrants it.

In my experience, polers are/ become strong of body and mind. Already kick-ass in attitude, self-defence training is the cherry on top.

Fun and joking aside, being prepared and having even a bit of knowledge about defending yourself, useful techniques and ‘fighting’ back is so important. Similar to pole fitness/ dance, self-defence class enhances that sense of empowerment and ‘owning’ your body, strength and attitude. Looking ahead, as well as Gerry making further appearances at the Studio, I would hope to see this type of class being more widely offered, especially in schools. The value of self-defence is reinforced due to it forming part of the therapeutic programmes run by Pole Infinity and Beyond Gravity Yoga. As well as enabling the group participants to bond (literally and figuratively), it enhances some of the main aims of these courses: increasing self-esteem, confidence, emotional strength and of course, female empowerment.

We would like to thank Gerry for using us as victims… oh, I mean ‘volunteers’; putting up with the laughs, screeches and girl-on-girl action(!) and providing us with valuable advice, demonstrations and guidance. Also, for putting up with a crowd of women posing for photos with (on) him and accompanying a gaggle of gorgeous gals to dinner – It’s a tough life!  SD2 39409058_1869270219828500_3574102987221499904_n

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