A Naughty or Nice pole year…?

During the festive period and as the end of the year approaches, we might reflect upon our pole achievements of the last twelve months. Perhaps you only joined the pole community in 2018; or maybe you’re a veteran poler. Either way, it’s a ‘wonderful time of the year’ to count our pole blessings.

Xmas gals blog


Consider the new friends acquired in the last twelve months; friendships which have grown; pole-mates who have shoved your bottom up a pole, cheered you on, sympathised with your bruises, slathered you in liquid chalk…


CB Xmas blog


This familiar song (or verse of) is inspired by my pole family, instructors and fabulous friends, and the ‘gifts’ and support they have given all year ‘round!




“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my pole class gave to me:

Twelve brand new playlists,

Eleven perfect photos,

Ten polers dancin’,

Nine moves a-spinnin’,

Eight new poses,

Seven sassy Santas,

Six girls a-laughin’ 


Four falling birds(!),

Three pole kisses,

Two types of grip…

and a pair of Pleasers with a red bow!” 


shoe received_10216886726780279[2101]


Happy Christmas from Ms. Infinity! x


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