A Pole New You

January… Resolutions, sales, and the Christmas decorations return to their home in the attic. As a new year commences, for some it might just be another date on the calendar; for others, a time for renewal, fresh starts and, yes, those contentious New Year’s Resolutions. Flicking through the T.V, currently the channels are rife with advice on how to eat better, live well and save money, as viewers seek to be fitter, happier, more productive in 2019. The notion of resolutions can actually divide opinion: I have heard some say that there is no point in creating these goals as you will fail anyway, so what’s the point? In a way, I get this because the first of January is not the only time of the year to try something different; set a target or tick something off your ‘life list’. There are 365 opportunities, each year, to change your attitude, work on yourself and seek to self-improve.

With regards New Year’s Resolutions, whether we make or keep them or not, we are all aware of what generally will constitute these optimistic objectives… Stress less; find more time for myself; socialise more; make friends; be happier in my body; make memories; increase fitness; try something new; challenge myself; have a healthier body and healthier mind. Even if these aren’t on your ‘to-do’ list, they will probably be familiar.

So, how does one attempt to achieve, even one item on this list???

Pole Infinity: Where you can reach new heights, the possibilities are endless and you can succeed beyond your expectations.

√ Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick… Your list is complete! There is no doubt that pole fitness allows you to develop strength, increase fitness and tone your body. Those elegant, pretty spins actually build your arm muscles, not to mention developing your core and providing a cardio workout. vote 6 received_10216655758206209[2431]Pole definitely helps a woman (or man) feel more confident, strong and empowered. Your achievements, and the encouragement from instructors and classmates, really gives you a boost (not to mention the amazing photos which you will be so proud of – even if it takes a while). There is no doubt that, for some, joining a pole class may be a challenge – It could require self-talk or a nudge from friends, but the buzz you will get from rising to the challenge and taking a step out of your comfort zone will be well worth it!

Coincidentally, I began my pole journey in January – two years ago. It certainly did require me, not only to step out of my comfort zone, but to run 100 metres, take a bus, then a train… 🙂 My comfort zone was miles behind me, totally out of sight. When others see my pole photographs, I often hear: ‘You must have a great core’; ‘I wouldn’t have the strength to do that’; ‘I would need to start exercising first’… I started with little to no strength and definitely was not a gym-bunny. It is through starting pole that you develop these things: Your upper body gets stronger; your flexibility increases and you can hold yourself in flag or do a high air-walk.

Nearly two years on from stepping into the Pole Infinity and Beyond Gravity Yoga studio, I have so many lovely memories. I’ve had so many laughs, received so much support and I have developed much more confidence. Not to mention the fabulous friends I have made See the source image

As far as my Pole Resolutions go, I am aiming to continue developing friendships, bonds and relationships. I want to gain more confidence in my abilities on the pole (and off). I will try to stop comparing myself to others so much. I hope to be more positive in trying things and ‘giving it a go’. I should practise more at home (Hint, hint hubby… Move my pole inside!) I’d like to increase my flexibility, strength and stamina. I aim to comfortably(!?) and consistently get my hand-spring and shoulder-mount. And I would love to continue helping, encouraging and guiding others in their pole journeys… because the possibilities are infinite 🙂

You can commence (or re-visit) your pole journey at any time. It may be a brief one, but hopefully it will be a long-term adventure. The new term at Pole Infinity starts on the 7th January, 2019 and there are TWO new basic beginner classes! You can message the Facebook page for more information or to secure your place: https://www.facebook.com/PoleInfinityDerry

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