A Pole New You

January… Resolutions, sales, and the Christmas decorations return to their home in the attic. As a new year commences, for some it might just be another date on the calendar; for others, a time for renewal, fresh starts and, yes, those contentious New Year’s Resolutions. Flicking through the T.V, currently the channels are rife with … Continue reading A Pole New You

A Naughty or Nice pole year…?

During the festive period and as the end of the year approaches, we might reflect upon our pole achievements of the last twelve months. Perhaps you only joined the pole community in 2018; or maybe you’re a veteran poler. Either way, it’s a ‘wonderful time of the year’ to count our pole blessings.   Consider … Continue reading A Naughty or Nice pole year…?


A few things got me thinking recently about Pole (and all its variants) in relation to PLAY. Firstly, a friend who had not experienced Pole before, remarked upon her first visit to Pole Infinity: “This is like being a child. I just want to spin around and around…. Wheeeeee…!” Secondly, Karen’s successful programmes in relation […]

Pole Infinity – Unique, inspirational, life-changing

One of the many reasons Pole Infinity is such a unique studio is the fact that we are currently the only studio worldwide offering innovative mental health and wellbeing courses. These courses combine mental health workshops with fitness, via a specifically tailored programme which helps ladies overcome psychological hurdles and empower themselves. These programmes have … Continue reading Pole Infinity – Unique, inspirational, life-changing